Practice Field Availability

Updated Tuesday July 10, 2018 by Brian Cropper.

The practice field availability schedule is intended to guide you on field availability.  It is subject to change without notice due to rain out make ups and schedule changes.  Please note the following rules as it relates to the use of fields for practices:

1.  The practice availability schedule will be published weekly, as of Sunday each week.

2.   If you practice, you must adhere to the time slots published.  You cannot create your own.

3.  LPYB has the fields reserved.  LPYB (including National League and Intact teams) have priority use of the fields.  So...if a non LPYB team is using the field, they will need to move if asked to move.

4.  Be courteous, patient and mature in asking teams to move if you have priority or if you have it reserved.

5.  If a field shows as "open", that means it is first come first serve based on the rules outlined above.

6.  All requests for reserved times must be emailed to by Friday the week prior.  Same week requests will generally not be accomodated.  All requests must include your Team Name, Head Coach Name, Division, Field Requested, Day and Time Requested.   Reservations if granted are on a week to week basis so you will have to resubmit each week.  Posted here is the tentative schedule for the next week with requests received thus far.

7.  Due to limited space, not all requests can be granted.  If you don't receive a confirmation email back that says "Confirmed", you do not have a reserved time.


Please refer all issues to the league president.

2018 LPYB Field Practice Schedules_2018_07_Entire month__FINAL.pdf